“Semper Fluctuat” – City of Delight #9


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Paris has a city flag, but it’s not very noticeable. The civic seal, however, is proudly emblazoned on every public building, streetlight, and bridge. This one is in beautifully smithed gold at the doorway of the Petit Palais. I was pleased to see the motto gain recognition in the face of the Bataclan attacks: Fluctuat nec Mergitur – “tempest-tossed but not sunk” – is a perfect description for a city that has seen two millennia of bad times and drama, but still keeps an even keel.

My artworks are toner photo prints, handcrafted on 8×8″ wood blocks. To differentiate them from my regular photo blocks, I am adding a metal leaf border and a cast-metal fleur de lys clavos at the corner of each piece, which will come with a signed certificate of authenticity indicating that it is a unique print created for the “City of Delight” project. I have set the price of each piece at $75 to reflect Paris’ famous “75” postcode. 20% of my profits will be donated to UNESCO and the UNHCR at the end of 2016.

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