The Work and its Origins

Photography, stories, and handmade home décor proving travel is good for the “sole”

Dust On My Boots began after another long walk through the crushed gravel paths of Paris’ Tuileries gardens. Paris loves crushed gravel, and you can’t walk through a public path without accumulating a layer of dust on your shoes and a collection of pebbles in your trouser cuffs. I would carry the city around with me physically. Now, I carry the city around with me emotionally.

My work originates from my travels. I’ve become that person who needs to take photos, and to share my journeys. My buyers become my travelling companions. I hand-make prints on wood, tile, paper and stone, constantly experimenting with materials and techniques to convey my experiences. Most of my pieces are toner prints on wood, finished with beeswax. It’s the best-smelling job I’ve ever had!