“In the Wild” – Styling Examples

Examples of how my buyers have chosen to display their pieces.

beautiful styling of four wood art blocks with a hammered tin candle
A did an amazing job of styling her Sainte Chapelle series with a hammered tin candle.


art adorning a computer work desk - desk decor
M has adorned his work desk with three pieces that spoke to him.


lego waylon smithers from the simpsons checking out a galway nightclub
He also creates little tableaux using my artwork as a backdrop and his Simpsons Lego as subjects. This is “Waylon’s Night Out”.


Sainte Chapelle wooden artwork Parisian home decor
Another example of A’s beautiful styling. Here are the same Sainte-Chapelle blocks in a new setting.


paris art decorating a paris bathroom home decor
D&O don’t have much space in their tiny Paris apartment, but they found some spare counter space in the bathroom for these two pieces.


Ribbon adored artwork wood block photography on doily
One last example of A’s amazing style: She beribboned this block beautifully.

A customer sports his Who Wants To Talk About Fountain Pens? pin before a big convention!