Monday, January 24, 2005

A Privilege, Not A Right

One of today's NYTimes editorials decries "The Crafty Attacks on Evolution" currently happening in US school boards (red and blue alike, surprisingly):

"In the Pennsylvania case, the school board went further and became the first in the nation to require, albeit somewhat circuitously, that attention be paid in school to 'intelligent design.' This is the notion that some things in nature, such as the workings of the cell and intricate organs like the eye, are so complex that they could not have developed gradually through the force of Darwinian natural selection acting on genetic variations. Instead, it is argued, they must have been designed by some sort of higher intelligence."

Personally, I don't believe school boards that adopt such policies should be allowed to have science departments at all. It boggles the mind. Or, rather, it boggles the minds of those who have actually been taught to think and to question, which is obviously not the case of the Creationist parent lobbyists at play here.

The irony of the situation is that, within a few years, the students of these school systems will find themselves increasingly ill-prepared for higher education, and I would venture to guess that most respectable institutions will be earmarking applications made by such students for rejection. Educational Darwinism, at least, will show itself to be a fact, rather than theory.


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